“The Naptime Project” begins


Something I have learned in my short experience as a professional artist is that it takes discipline. You have to consistently work at it to expect anything good to happen. After my son was born, I was mind-numbingly sleep-deprived and without any focus for about a year. Now that I have finally gotten the hang of this baby thing, I want to get the hang of this art thing again.

Something I have learned in my short experience as a mother is that my son’s needs come before my own. Being at home with my young son is very demanding; and when he finally goes to sleep, sometimes I just want to pass out on the couch. But the only time I get to focus completely on my work is when he sleeps, so I present to you “The Naptime Project.” 

During his naps, I am going to work, then post my progress on here. Many people were interested in my naptime paintings on my Facebook fan page. My goal at the time was to make one small painting a day, and I would post the (good) results there. I think I am beyond the painting-a-day stage and I want to move on to bigger and longer projects. It helps to have a place where all my thoughts are collected and a steady stream of ideas are awaiting me, so that when I do sit down to work I’m not thinking “where was I again?”.

I appreciate any feedback and encouragement I get from you along the way. Thanks for reading!


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