We made a discovery about ourselves


I recently have been stuck in a rut in the studio. I was happily painting a watercolor series, which can be seen here, and the ideas were just flowing so easily. Then the last one I did took me a lot longer to complete, and then I found myself looking at a blank piece of paper and wondering what to do next. Enter Dylan Karges, a friend from my Starkville MS days, who asked me to do a collaboration with him. His idea was for me to start a pastel drawing, and he would improvise from it. He is a pastel artist, and he does really wonderful work that will stand the test of time. I especially love his drawings of trees, with the tiny branches spindling out from nuanced pastel marks.

The image above is from the watercolor series, and it was one of my favorites to come out of it. It is called “We made a discovery about ourselves.” It could be the colors that make my heart jump a little, or the line drawing of the bones that seem to tell an old old story, or the loose reference to the sea, or all of the above. There have been days I just wanted to make another one that made me feel that good. Maybe this is my chance. The collaboration will begin with that image, and I can’t wait to see what Dylan does with it. Or what I do with it, since I am making it into a large pastel drawing (22×30 inches, the original is 5×7). I am excited to reunite with my pastels! This is just what I needed to set me on a new track, to make a new discovery in my studio.

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