Setting the tone


Naptime lasted roughly 18 minutes today (see previous post on teething). I did manage to block in my drawing and begin to put color on the page with pastels. Hooray! I have missed my pastels. It is a good change. Just placing those blues next to each other felt so satisfying, and I haven’t even worked their color yet.


Edvard Munch was a master of blue. If you think you are not familiar with his work, you probably have heard of “The Scream.” If not, just Google it (my motto in life). This print of his (pictured above) is much more subdued in emotion and in color, and it happens to be my favorite. Rather than an outcry of inner anxiety like “The Scream,” this piece, called “The Lonely One,” is tempered but equally as fearful. The woman looks out to the horizon, and while we can’t see what she is thinking, we know she is alone as she faces it. It is a powerful piece. Compositionally, the warm orange hair in the center, supported by yellows dotted throughout the blues, keeps us focused on her. It is really something to be able to incorporate the orange into the blue scheme without it blowing out the nuance of the blue.


It is what I am striving for as I work on this piece (pictured above) in pastel form. I keep looking at Munch’s piece as I do, hoping it will rub off on me.

If you have been following this so far, you will remember this is a collaboration which I start and my friend finishes. 

Great to be walking around with pastel smudges on my face again.


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