Under-painting and Venetian color


Pictured above is “Virgin and Child” by Titian. He painted in Venice in the 16th century. I bring up his work because Venetians painted with such vibrant color, and they did it well. Color is hard to tame. The more saturated the hues, the more difficult it is to reign it in. I have to respect those Venetians.


(I apologize for the poor quality of this photo.) Here is the under-painting, or the first layer of my pastel drawing. I do that because I want these undertones to come through but I want them to stay just that: under. While I am excited by all that color, I will mute it out considerably. I know that I will because I always do. (I am not from Venice.) I think I am excited by it because it is discordant yet fresh and full of potential. While I do love color, I tend to use it sparingly.

It takes almost no time to do the first layer, so it is instant gratification. I feel like I really accomplished something today!

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