Crafting Boot Camp

This weekend, my sisters and I gave my parents a reception in honor of 40 years of marriage. We were overjoyed to be able to have this occasion to celebrate. While it was a lot of work, it was almost as much fun as that time we all went to Disney World. Okay not really, but it was a fun bonding time for us all (even the son-in-laws, who moved those plants a few times until we got it right!).


I guess you could say I was the “artistic director” for this event, so ever since Friday, I was on a mission to make as many paper decorations as possible. Then I had to get my niece and sister in the cutting and taping crew.Image

In the end, we were pleased with the outcome. I chose yellow and white as the colors, because it would give a nice warm glow to the photos, and because daisies were in their wedding.


But since it is fall, we threw a few pumpkins and mums into the mix.


I love these old photos!


And here is a photo of the whole family. Happy times!


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