I’m hooked


After a long weekend at crafting boot camp, I was relieved to be back in my studio today. It is always nice to get some space from my work so that I can see it better when I return. When I picked up those pastels to work again, I was comfortable, excited, eager.


I haven’t felt that way in the studio for the past few weeks. I guess you could say I had artist’s block. Now I am hooked on these lovely pieces of pigment. Combining colors, knocking them down, bringing them out; I find it hard to stop.


You can expect to see more pastel drawings, is what I’m saying here.


I ask you: how else could I get this velvety black??


This drawing is intended for Dylan to improvise from, so I am about to hand it off to him. It hurts a little, but I can start another one.


I am excited to see how he completes it.


So photographs and sketches become watercolor paintings, which become pastel drawings. A roundabout and thorough way to arrive at a conclusion (typical for me).

Thanks for stopping by my internet studio,


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