What’s next


Now that the previous drawing is soon to be in the hands of someone else to complete (it was a collaboration), I am about to begin a new drawing (that I get to complete). I am hoping to take some watercolor paintings I have done and expand them – literally. They are going from 4×6 watercolor paintings to 22×30 pastel drawings. Pastel drawing is such a different process from watercolor painting, where the gradation of color is easily achieved by one color bleeding into another so fluidly. In pastel, a color gradation is hard-won with each chalky stroke scratched on top of another.

Another thing to consider: when an image is enlarged, the dynamics of the composition can change. In a small painting, simplicity keeps me interested. Will it be enough in a large drawing? This will be my experiment, starting with the watercolor pictured above, which I named “It was ideal.”


This is the photograph that was the basis for my painting. My digital photographs flatten out the color and the depth, but it really was amazing. I guess you had to be there. Sometimes I wish I was there (Orkney is amazing and still continues to take my breath away, all of Scotland for that matter). I revisit my photographs from that trip frequently. It is something about being able to see where water meets sky that does that same thing to me that looking at good art does – it makes my heart do a somersault. Since Orkney is an island, almost every photograph has that beautiful horizon line in it, that one line that gives depth, prospect, longing, and a good lofty view into what you hope is next, and why you can appreciate the present. And I am looking forward to what’s next.


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