Slow and steady


Last week I was forced to SLOW DOWN when I got sick and had to sit at home for a while. I watched a lot of TV and ate a lot of soup. I have fully recovered. After a time of sitting and being lazy, I tend to hit the ground running the next chance I get, ready to get going again with life again. I think I was too eager today to get this blue section finished, because my hands were clumsy and I was rushing. I have found that when I treat my art like something to check off a list, bad things happen.


The blue stripe in the middle was too purple, too chalky, too cool, and I had to fix it FAST before my son woke up and I had to rush out the door to work. So I picked up all the colors pictured at the top and started scratching away at it. Adding that rusty red color was a good idea, but I didn’t apply it so evenly. It got blotchy.


I had the right idea, but I need to take my time in the future. Chip away at it. Steady my hand. Focus on the task at hand. Etc.


This might be like watched a turtle sprint, but I will finish this drawing eventually!


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