A peculiar miracle

“Painting seems like a peculiar miracle I need to have again and again.” — Philip Guston

Sometimes I am not sure which I love more – painting, or having painted. As I look at the last completed drawing, I feel satisfied at how it fell into place. I believe the composition worked even after making it larger, and I was afraid it may not. I think it works because the colors are heavier and deeper and compensate for the larger size. I love pastels for that reason. The pigment both sits on top of the paper and goes deep into the image.

While I am glad to have made the image, I can’t stop there – I need to make another one! And so I have. Another drawing is under way. The rough draft goes so quickly, it makes this slow painter feel super speedy. The image below is where I am headed with this.


Looking forward to that major transition from red to blue at the top.Image

Once I get the drawing on the page, I get to treat it like a big coloring book.


Again and again.


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