More pouring, less snoring


If you are not a local reader, you may not know about our weather these past few days. Just on Saturday, it was 75 degrees and sunny, then it started to rain. And rain. And rain. And then the temperature dropped to thirty-something. This change in weather prompted a runny nose in my kid, which also meant we had to be shut-ins and not meet up with other kids to play, and not even step outside to run around in the cold, wet mud. When he doesn’t have a lot of activity, he does not nap easily, if at all. My little sleep bandit is at it again, it seems. So here we are, reading books and playing trains and making pretend food, and then we do it all again (which apparently, is not enough activity to make sleep easy).

ImageI glance at my started drawing now and then, evaluating it from a distance, but this one may take a while. This has all been a grand exercise in patience. Not only am I waiting for chances to draw, this drawing is intense. There are so many small shapes to work through that it is slower than the previous ones. I am also waiting to hear news about various opportunities that I mysteriously mentioned in my last post (isn’t it infuriating?).

Waiting. It isn’t something you can do. It is what you don’t do. It is what you try not to think about or anticipate or imagine. It is cuddling up with my two-year-old, smelling his sweet skin, and being oh so glad.

I guess the snoring can wait this time.


(PS, If you have any recommendations about artists that I should see, please leave tips in the comments or on my Facebook page. That could be a good way to spend the time and I am fresh out of ideas. Thank you!)

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