Drawing Comparisons

I am happily back at work in my studio. My family has settled into our new temporary location, and I love it for several reasons. For one, it is so small that it is incredibly low-maintenance, leaving more time for fun things like drawing. Another perk is access to a pool, which we go to almost daily. My studio is now my kitchen table, and I am working on one thing at a time. I love how focused I feel on this drawing now.


In case you need a reminder, this is the watercolor sketch of the drawing in progress. It is called “We built it with our collection.” I do love the watercolor medium for the amazing color shifts. When I was flying back from San Francisco, I saw the landscape from my window seamlessly change from coastal to desert to prairie. There was this one beautiful river that elegantly faded from deep blue to bright red as it picked up clay. Visions like that really make my heart jump, which is why I questioned today my choice in medium. If there is a way to accomplish that with oil pastels, I am not at that level yet. I really want to press on with them to see what happens. Also this image needs something clunkier, heavier, rougher (or else I would just be repeating what I already did). I want to see what happens when I draw my watercolor painting with oil pastels, using those subtle color shifts as a guide.


The drawing should start to move faster as the shapes become larger (I have to work left to right because of all the scraping), but here is where I am with it.


Last night I struggled with the two oranges. One is supposed to be a pink-orange and the other a red-orange. It is NOT the same thing but close, and it was making my head hurt trying to figure it out. I just had to stop.


In conclusion, I am not comparing myself to Diebenkorn, but I will just say I am so glad I saw this painting in San Francisco.


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