Moving on

I should have seen this coming. Maybe I ignored it because I didn’t want to see it. Turns out that the oil pastels I have been using are student-grade and not light-fast nor archival. I read they were great to start on but didn’t look into it any more than that. Oil pastels are so foreign to me. That means any work I have done with them won’t last for very long. It means that if I were to frame a drawing and have it in a sunlit room, it would fade. It means that the drawing could get cloudy over time. In a way I am glad to have gotten beginner pastels because I was a beginner with that medium. Sinking a lot of money into an unknown medium could have been a mistake. A positive side is that oil pastels have much more potential than what I have known so far. I consider what I have done as practice.

My plan is to sell off these practice drawings for whatever I can get and use that to start my professional grade supply. They are both 22×30 inches, which is a standard size if you are looking for framing that isn’t custom (it saves a lot).



I know, I know, that top one has a lot of time put into it. But I’ll just say that’s how long it took me to learn to use oil pastels. The bottom one was only just started when I began questioning the quality of pastels I was using. I kind of like it. It gives me hope for using nice pastels.

I know I am quite the salesman with that first paragraph, but you never know who might like some very inexpensive and somewhat temporary art. If you are interested in buying these for next to nothing, please speak up!


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