Following my eyes

My work is going to take a detour through some unknown territory. As I mentioned in my last post, I had taken over half a year off to have a baby. Now I am starting from scratch. What was important before? I can’t seem to remember. What do I want to say? I’m looking for it.

(“Looking at a fig tree” 8×10 watercolor)

I am painting those things around me that persuade my eyes to stop and look, and look again.


This includes playing with mediums. I sometimes enjoy what watercolor can do (the way colors run together, the visual textures that appear). The background on this painting is not my best work (sort of blotchy).

(“Painting of a painted plate” 8×10 watercolor)

I have recently moved to a more rural location. My eyes have been taking in the vegetation around me. I enjoy seeing the contrasts in the way nature actually is and how it is portrayed for decorative purposes.


Outside, nature is tangled, barbed, thick, wild. Inside, it is prim, pretty, orderly, decorative.

I have enjoyed looking at Elizabeth Blackadder’s work as I sort through my own ideas. She is a Scottish painter (a fellow Edinburgh College of Art graduate), working in watercolors and oils, painting normal life things. I appreciate that she doesn’t agonize over what to paint and simply paints the objects around her.

(The following images are Blackadder’s work)










I think it’s important for me to trust my eyes. They seem to know my interests before my brain does.

Thanks for reading,


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