Art tourist

I live in a rural area of my rural state, and have done so for most of my life. I do not get to see much in the way of world-famous Art on a regular basis. Then, as a young graduate student, I got to live in Edinburgh, Scotland, for two years! It was wonderful because I would frequently stop in the National Gallery (which was free and on my way to the art college). I got to know that collection very well. I can almost tour it in my memory. My last few days in Edinburgh before leaving it for good, besides giving many tearful goodbyes to my friends, was spent going through this and my other favorite museums. I had gotten used to having access to so much great art. Then I moved back to my rural section of this rural state. I’m not complaining; I love my home. Rural does not equal inferior or bad. It’s a beautiful place with generous people. But I miss big city art museums. I’m always pining for a trip to an art museum. It’s true! Pining. Gaping like a fish out of water. That’s a bit dramatic, I admit; but I truly miss fine art. 

Every couple of years I take a chance to go to a big city and see some great art. A few months ago, I decided I was overdue for some city time and went to Dallas/Ft Worth to visit a friend. She is also an art lover and member of the Kimbell Art Museum. We arrived for my visit to the museum, and I realized the special exhibit was a selection from the National Gallery in Edinburgh! It was like seeing old friends to see these paintings again. 


Seeing my favorite paintings with a favorite friend!

I couldn’t believe how fortunate to go to Texas and see my favorite paintings from the National Gallery of Scotland. The Raeburns, that amazing Rembrandt self portrait, that Sargent portrait of Lady Agnew- they were all there! Brilliant. (And did I mention it was on my birthday?)

The permanent collection at the Kimbell is a solid, well-chosen group of paintings. It is a small and purposeful collection. It has one painting from each of the best artists in the history of artists, and that one painting is always a fantastic choice. I snapped a few pictures of the paintings I spent a lot of time with. 

I loved the lines of this Caravaggio.

I could never get enough Velazquez.


This small Tiepolo is so rich.

Have always loved Munch for his flat, graphic paintings.  

Overall, I highly recommend the Kimbell! A real gem of an art museum, and only eight hours away! Next time you’re in the Dallas area, don’t pass this up. 

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