New drawings

A few months ago, I wrote about how relationships between shapes, their forms fitting together, colors echoing back, and lines weaving through the composition were interesting to me when I originally sketched from my experience on the rocky Scottish beaches. Not only were the rocks beautiful in coloring, but I was also drawn to the old structures built with the stones. They had to be found and fit together by weight and shape. Even the rocks on the ground would naturally settle together with weight and time.


(“Together” 22″ x 30″ oil pastels and charcoal on oil paper)

When friends or family members spend a lot of time together, they seem to settle in to one another comfortably. They just fit. The proximity can make conflicts all the more uncomfortable, but also more easily resolved. Those adjustments and weathering make you even closer over time.


(“Assemble” 22″ x 30″ oil pastels and charcoal on oil paper)

Differences always arise when a group of people get together. This drawing reminds me of those big discussions around simple decisions, like trying to agree on a restaurant for 20 people. Debate, standing around, no one committing.


(“Settle” 22″ x 30″  oil pastels and charcoal on oil paper)

It is wonderful to stay in the same relationship over time, such as a family unit or marriage, because you grow together into almost another organism. You learn about each other, and start to fit together like an old stone wall. Good relationships take time, and trial and error, but the result is ease and comfort.


(“Exchange” 22″ x 30″ oil pastels and charcoal on canvas)

Words between companions can be fiery and passionate. Words can sail out like arrows, for the good of the relationship or to its detriment.


Ultimately, this work is about relationships. Each drawing explores this idea a little differently, but they all point to humans relating to other humans. It’s been many years since I made the original sketches from the landscapes in my small sketchbook, but I’m so happy to be working on these now. The timing is right for me to work into these drawings again.

Thanks for reading,



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